Data Protection Declaration: How we handle your data

Thank you for your interest in our websites. It is essential for us that your privacy remains protected using our websites. Therefore we provide a detailed explanation of how we process your personal data. When using and processing personal data, we try to comply with the EU data protection legislation.

This Data Protection Declaration applies only to and and the associated sub-pages, and does not apply to websites which are monitored and operated by third parties.

Use of personal data

Users of the IMTA and IAMPS websites are hereby informed in accordance with the valid EU data protection provisions that any person-specific data given on these websites on an expressly voluntary basis (title, name, address, e-mail address, date of birth, personal photos etc.) will be electronically stored, processed and utilized solely for the purpose for which the user provided them, unless consent for use in another form has been granted. We do not forward data to third parties (e.g. address publishers or direct marketing companies).


The data you provide when registering will only be used for administering the conference you register for. If you indicate that you wish to receive information about future publications and conferences of the IMTA and the International Applied Military Psychology Symposium, your contact details will be stored for providing this service until you indicate that you no longer wish to receive this feature.


The data you provide submitting a presentation will be used for displaying your presentation in the past presentations pages (Data for this are stored in our database). If you do not wish to have your presentation and corresponding data online, it will deleted from the database upon your request after the conference.

Data security

To protect your data, we have taken suitable technical and organizational measures which protect your data against loss, manipulation or unauthorized access.

Please note that you yourself are responsible for ensuring that user data or passwords which are assigned to you or of which you are notified are stored safely and kept confidential.

Automatic data recording

We use cookies to gather data automatically. A cookie is a small text file which stores web settings. Almost every website uses cookies technology. We use only strictly necessary cookies that are used to support functions without which it would not be possible to use this website in the intended manner. These cookies are used by us only, and are thus first-party cookies. They are only stored on your computer. Strictly necessary cookies are used e.g. for the log-in function. Without that cookie, log-in would not be possible, and functions subsequent to log-in would not be possible either. Our cookies also, for example, make it feasible to switch from http to https, thereby making data transfer more secure. For strictly necessary cookies, consent is not required. It is not possible to disable strictly necessary cookies via the functionalities of this website. However, you can disable them at any time via your browser.

Passing on your personal data to third parties, utilization

Use of the offers on this website is largely possible without any person-specific data. Where the option of entering personal data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) exists within the website, users only have to do so on a purely voluntary basis and only for each stated purpose.

Data is not passed on to any other third parties. We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that data protection regulations are observed.

We hereby explicitly declare that we do not permit published contact data to be used by third parties to send out advertising and information material which has not been specifically requested. We reserve the express right to take legal action in the event that advertising material is sent without request.

Right to information

You are entitled to request information at any time on the data relating to your person kept on file by us, as well as its origin and recipients and the reason for storing it.

Right to correction

If we process incomplete or incorrect personal data about you, you are entitled at any time to demand that the data be corrected or rendered complete.

Right to revoke

At any time you may revoke any consent which you have given, independently of all other statements of consent. If you revoke your consent, from that date on we will cease processing your data for the purposes indicated in the statement of consent.

Right to delete

You are entitled to demand that your personal data be deleted. However, please bear in mind that there may be reasons which may prevent immediate deletion of your data (e.g. administering the conference, for which you registered).

Point of contact for queries

Your trust is important to us. For this reason, we would like to be able to answer your questions regarding the processing of your personal data at all times. If you have any questions which this data protection declaration was not able to answer or if you would like more detailed information on anything, please feel free to contact the webmaster at any time.